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One Cool Mama

Gathering place for hip moms!

Cool & Hip Mamas
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This community was created for sassy and hip moms! All are welcome - those who are expecting for the first time, those who have children, those who want children. Alternative parenting styles are welcome as well as sharing opinions, suggestions, and anything of the sort. And of course, pictures are always fun!

This is an open community, meaning anyone can join. You must be a member to post comments and anonymous posting is disabled for the obvious reasons.

We only have three simple rules. We aren't asking too much, so please follow them.

1) No spamming. We do not mind community promotions, as long as it's on topic of babies or parenting =]

2) No bashing or slanderous comments to any members. This will not be tolerated; the post will be deleted and poster will be banned immediatly and reported. We respect eachother here and expect mature debate on topics that may cause conflicting opinions.

3) When posting pictures, please put them behind the lj cut. If you need help in doing this, please refer to the FAQ section. Be kind to everyone's friend's list =]

The maintainer of this community is almostjaded. If you have any questions, please contact her at the above email address.

That's it! Happy posting!